Upon Observation


Societies, languages, governments,
Governors, religions, rituals,
Skill sets, experiences, vacations.


You, Me.

The Autopsy

After they had made the proper incisions,
Inside they found no organs or vitals,
Save a note:
"I have no more use of it,


I have been out here for days,
In my head, searching, finding,
Excavating with all the blunt precision of an amateur,
Plumbing depths I cannot breathe in,
Dying, and seeing what I find there too.


When I am with you I am close to a river,
Deep and moving and only fools think controlled,
And I like nothing more than to sit at your banks,
And listen to all the life inside you.


Abounding, sounding and resounding!
I fly from here to there,
Though you think me forever in one place,
I am many and I am always,
And as such I shall be forgotten,
And as such I shall always love you!

In a Storm

In a storm with lightning all around,
There is no judgement,
There is no punishment and only the hope of reward,
[Is this life not enough?]
There is only you,
And others like you,
And what you carry and what they carry,
And the weapons you choose to make of them.

A(nother) Thought

Thumbing the entirety of pages,
After finishing a brick of a novel,
Sounds like applause to me.

Le Sigh

Sighs are the balloons we lose,
Or give away in parking lots,
In carnival crowds,
At foreign locations,
Drifting up, over, away,
Towards each other,
Containing whatever the air was meant to say.

Desire #5,832

I want to mark the seasons,
By the changing tones of your skin.