She showed up,
To ask for my help,
The white foam suicide,
Against the cold winter rocks,
And me and the lighthouse broken,
All we weakened could do,
Pointed her up coast,
While we two frozen,
With grey clouded eyes,
Watched the ships fight.


The ship run aground,
We all got out and felt,
The coarse sand falling,
Between dirty fingers,
And running down the,
Beach full of light it,
Started to dawn on us that,
For the most part,
Each of us had drastically changed positions, 
Than previously held.

What Grabbed My Attention

Wrapped in
Red wondering
Your coarse blouse
Against my cheek railing
The slow sleek fan
Drawing on dawn we feel
It may be coming today.
It may be just about time for it today.

Thank God Someone Invented A Word For It.

My life summed up,
Holding our child against the wind,
A deep turquoise blanket wrapped,
Love is about all I could think of.



Words spread through,
Almost every time I want,
Running fingers through hair,
I don't say anything,
And watch it burn,
With careful attention,
Not to harm the arbiter.

The rain on the bells,
A deep purple by the barn.

Everything beats,
Whether I want it to or not,
And you, too,
Try me sometimes,
And I want to manage,
I think I really do,
Paying careful attention,
To touching shoetips together.

The rain on the bells,
A deep purple by the barn.

I can't look at them,
In the streets they scare me,
Faces everywhere running,
It's jumbled and crumbling and wrong,
But if your face be there,
Your eyes-they are safe.

The rain on the bells,
A deep purple by the barn.

The swallow outside,
I can't imagine it would stay for long,
Stay with me today,
Please stay with me here,
It won't be for very long,
But houses are cages to,
So I hear.

The rain on the bells,
A deep purple by the barn.

I don't know,
Hold on,
I love you,
The sounds are gone,
This is what I think.

The rain on the bells,
A deep purple by the barn.

Human touch forgotten,
Perhaps I have lived,
Perhaps this has made me holy?
I am unsure, but they say
Writing this will help:

It's the pounding in my head,
It's the rising raft and so alone,
It's just physics, Love. 


In the velvet seat,
I don't have to talk to you,
My eyes are useless,
But for tears,
As the strings flow up and down,
I almost whisper how little I care,
About the divorce,
In the face of all this,
But for now,
Let me have this love.

In the Morning When Things Come Around

That I have survived a night,
With fireside warmth,
The love of friends,
And a smile on my face,
With all that I have done,
Makes me question the existence of God,
More than anything else.

Patience is a Vice

I feel them,
Behind my shoulders,
Shifting the ice of sidewalks,
They are my approaching wall,
They are what I will meet if I do not,
Never turn back.
I see them,
Through shop windows with painted words,
The fog on their breaths,
My every long winded thought,
In dark coats they wait,
For me.
For me.

Shroomy Was a Good Friend

You asked, 
And I told,
All that I thought of this place,
This night,
These eighteen years,
And the lights outside the hotel window,
(Ground floor)
Were shining steady,
When you asked,
And all I could do was shrug.



It it takes,
Till I am an old man,
With the right music running in circles,
I will get back to,
My Cassandra my
Blazing crown queen,
The fairy home,
Surrounded in fog,
Your scarf trailing behind
My Cassandra my,
Violet menace to my health,
The doctors don't know,
The murmur in my heart,
Is your whisper,
Taken to extremes,
My Cassandra my,
Broken heart story,
Always gets old,
But we always got old,
And we did everything we could to stop it,
My Cassandra My,
We sure did try,
To not let it get us down,
The cold, I mean.


With every turn of your hips,
Pursing of tight lips,
The sweat on the sides of my temples,
Travels down with fire inside.


So if we don't get out,
If one thing goes wrong after another,
If you fold under,
And I pack my favorite shirts,
Then remember what I wrote,
About summer and Holland and everything,
And try to think of that,
Over the sound of an empty garage,
If you must remember.


When we're all molten,
Melted and safe,
My lips will still quiver,
Seconds away from yours,
Smelling the static between,
The lush,
Red apple,
Was too hard for me,
And it dropped to the ground,
The moon saw me down,
And it all went up and away.


So it ran like this,
We all saw it coming so we all let it come,
And it swamped every one of us,
And like flies,
We all came back,
To look at the aftermath,
The wreckage of the final defeat,
But there was Percival,
Old, blind, and small,
Buried under the broken splinters,
Of the Old Town Hall,
And he looked up,
And looking like a mole he said,
Absent of tantrums and fits,
"Happiness like this will be the death of me,
I'm glad to share it all with you."
And he died on that spot,
We all watched him do it,
The audacious prick actually got out.