We are walking, talking
Laughing heartfelts
Tripping over wise words and
Wondering about our places.


You've got a point there.
Tell you what
I'll trade you some bottles and pouches
To lighten my load
In return for your least favourite cane
And some piece of everyone's mind
So I can tell what's mine.


My Love,
What if this whole time,
I were really an owl,
Picking mice out from between,
The old church stones.
Would you find me then?

Jubilee, I Gave You Away

They broke in upon,
Our quiet campaign.
All rights and liberties,
Flushing your face so red.


But - I asked him,
What about the house lights?
Will it always be just me?

He leaned across,
I made up constellations,
For the freckles on his forearm,
"If there's no one else,
Then we'll go by moonlight my friend."


An Inkling

We'll find out
That it was all just like
Plucking at the grass
Being & waiting to be.

Press Pass

We mentioned Newt
And probably inhaled
So many neon signs missing letters.

Big Sky

I remember
It was spiritual
I felt swallowed, scared
I felt it was best
To put one foot in front of the other
My place in this universe
So loveably small
Those two words meeting in my mind
For the first time
Like separated twins
Or Bartimaeus' first glimpses of Jericho
And I saw you.

Inundated, I fell away for a while.


Settled down
In wanting red dust
He leaned on his shovel like some
Unwelcome scepter
The fence stretching back
Miles now
But they've had no reason to put the kettle on
Since the well ran dry.

That's your education,
When the well runs dry.