Thoughts Immediately Following

I'll keep it short/sweet (see, I even eliminated the and or "&"). I really don't plan on ever understanding what you all see in me, but today really made an i-dont-want-to-admit-it impact. This is probably the worst of the pangs about leaving my heart's felt yet, and the only thing I can think of is how fresh in my memory all of you will always stay and how often I'll come back here to visit. God bless you in everything, as He has obviously blessed me beyond any measure. 




It was all so different,
And everyone was honestly better,
A radiant broadcast sent out to the rest of space.

"We think we know how to live this life now!
Please send us something new, Beloved, we're getting bored!"

And We All Just Kept Sleeping

In one dream,
I am running towards you,
Until I run clear through you-like a ghost,
And then there are more,
All of us running the same way,
But I am the fastest,
I outrun all the rest and again am all alone,
Everything outside of me is a blur,
But never so clearly,
So acutely have I known,
The wind crashing upon and flowing across my nose,
Through every crack in my skin down to my eyes,
And then over and past my temples.

So intense is this,
Everything fades behind,
Like listening to someone and then the radio's turned up,
Until I am left with two thoughts in the whole world,
The wind, and where you must be,
Even here, letting myself become absorbed,
I cannot wholly separate from you,
I wonder,
So I stay, and am not bitter about that.

And Then a Surprise for You

Little Ophelia,
Perhaps in you I can place my life,
My unkept, tinseled life,
My circus goldfish.
Do you think it was right,
Little Ophelia,
That big God gave life to one such as me?
Oh I can see why He would give it to you!
I can see that very well, and easily.
Playing helicopter with you,
And seeing your eyes when we go on morning walks,
Marveling at all the dew on every blade,
Of our little four-corner lawn,
Makes me happy.

So many things here,
And people too!
Aren't happy.
I'm afraid I may be making them unhappy,
And that sincerely moves me.
So I think of things to buy you,
And candies to get you,
And sometimes I think of moving,
But I'm afraid the new people there will become unhappy too.
Oh, I'll dismiss it for a while again,
You're just too enchanting,
Let's go for a walk.

Sitting at a Table, Rapping Fingers

The snapping of twigs,
Like so many fingers cracking,
Imbedded in the background of my day.
Tiny tickings,
Hollow harbingers of black and white,
And things with emptied meaning,
Sound as if through a vacant yellow hallway,
With scraps of poster still holding,
Desperately to the paint.

I'm thinking of the Hurt,
Glass half full stuff,
Of how efficiently grey the sky has been today,
Not one opening to speak of.
So I've been wanting to ask You,
Do I hurt more than I give?
What do I create? Joy or pain?