Taking Another Hit I Most Certainly Deserve

It hurts,
And it's going to get worse,
Because I want it too,
I hope you're all not too tired,
Because you just might drop it if you are,
But it's coming to a peak here,
Another tower of Babel for sure,
And I'm getting on to screaming,
As some of us diverge,
It's a rough wall and you're lucky to get around,
But I'll hold as many hands as I can,
With my own meager faith,
We'll hopefully laugh about it later,
We'll hopefully finally find our heads in all this,
Or maybe I'm just an optimist,
Or maybe you're just too quiet to agree.

Plans...Sort Of.

If I break tonight,
Trust me I'll call you,
It's about the last thing I'd want,
To be trouble,
But truth is you're the only one I'd trust,
With a stupid thing like this,
So hopefully that won't happen,
I mean really that won't happen,
But I'll come to you,
Through all of this snow,
Shivering to make a point,
If you'll open the door,
I'll most likely never leave,
Unless you move.

Kiddy Games

You're running across it,
Suddenly it's the parachute I ran under,
As a child with rainbow colors,
Darting overhead,
I'm ten years again,
And just as unrealized,
But I sleep better,
For a time,
Thinking of the future,
Thinking of you.


On a windowsill,
Leg's bent like mountains,
I'll rest my arm across them,
Flutter fingers,
Imagine the sound of bird wings,
And watch the European day rise,
Over the tall fields,
Almost time,
And listen for the sound of steps,
Across the wooden floor of this place,
It's not yet breakfast,
I have my tea alone here,
Almost time,
I can imagine you here,
See you in the window here,
Never once had I ever dreamed,
Never once did I touch your face,
Almost time,
This place,
The flutter of the birds,
The scent of raspberries,
The shine of the early dawn,
At once,
I'm almost gone now.

Come What May

Try to give it a careful looking,
Over the cliff before you go,
Check with family and the like,
See what you hear about the whole thing,
If you're crazy as hell,
People will let you know,
Surrender to that thought if you want,
But it's all the same,
Till your feet leave the ground,
And you plunge downward,
Come what may,
You fall downward,
Come what may.

Coming Up On It

It's a training ground,
And I can't say we haven't learned anything,
Because you're not stopping me,
And I think I know where my feet go next,
So we sit slicked back,
Lazily amongst blue tableclothed plastic tables,
With plastic cutlery,
And a sort of richness of soul,
That knowing look,
And I can't even see you from where I am,
But we've come here before,
On long nights in the patient dark,
And we've shed nothing,
That was most important,
I know that it's a risk more than yours,
But that's where we are,
And you have been wonderful.

The Wolf

You'll ruin something tonight,
And I'll break another heart,
Or at least severely wound,
With my red wine and your devil's lips,
Swaying across the full carpet in this room,
How many people are we forgetting?
How does the morning come for us,
When we have shut so much out?
Your hair pulled back,
My sleeves up,
We'll strain this till it breaks,
Because it's a violent ritual,
We can't get away from,
And you're biting your lip just as hard as me,
Till it bleeds from the wait and pressure.

Up for a Time

You're pulling me haggard,
You're running me along,
Swept up in white silken,
Night traces,
The curve of your back,
Explained by the darker songs,
Of the English and their losses,
The English love their losses,
Caught up in a side-by-side,
Race for curing ourselves,
You'll cry out when it's time,
And I'll be sure to,
Stand there stark still,
I'm truly a lark in such situations.