You tore fitfully
away from smokescreen habits
into a life where there was no one to greet you
O but you did not go back
biting into every pit in every fruit
gnashing of teeth indeed.



Take me far away
(I have taken you far away)

I am lonely here
(You seem lonely.)

But these droves of birds are beautiful
(Sometime you will share with the birds)

No one is sitting beside me
(You are alone.)

No one is sitting on either side of me
(The paint is faded)

I have no wants
(How could you?)

Will I grow old?

It is very beautiful here,

But living is a hard business. 



In the midst of that mission
To broadcast the death of cowardice to the masses
You turned to me in that spaceship and laughed
"We should have waited for it to snow."
And I loved you then.
Each one of my particles has come together to love you now.